Fall 2018 Conference Letter

Fall 2018 Conference Letter
Posted on 10/05/2018
Front doors of LCMS

Middle School Parent/Guardian:


Our first trimester parent/teacher conferences are next week.  Below are some reminders and preview materials for parents/guardians in order for conferences to be informative and efficient.


Attendance by Alphabet

In order to shorten lines and make the conference process quicker and easier for parents, we ask that parents attend on the night assigned by alphabet:

  • Student last name beginning A-M - attend on Monday, October 8 - 4:00-8:00 @ LCMS
  • Student last name beginning N-Z - attend on Wednesday, October 10 - 4:00-8:00 @ LCMS

We understand that families are busy and schedules are very full, so if the night according to alphabet does not work for you please attend on the other night - most important is that parents/guardians meet teachers and communicate about student learning and success.

Individual Conference Protocol/Agenda

Teachers at Lewis Central Middle School will see anywhere from 75 – 175 students on a typical school day.  Providing ample time for teachers to meet with each parent/guardian, and parents/guardians to meet with approximately eight teachers, is very difficult to do in two, four hour conference nights.  In an attempt to increase efficiency and give each parent/guardian opportunity to meet with all necessary teachers, we have a conference protocol/agenda in place to hopefully direct conversations appropriately and swiftly.

First, we will ask that teachers and parents/guardians limit each conference to 5-7 minutes in order to respect the time of all those waiting to see teachers.  If 5-7 minutes is not sufficient time the teacher and parent will need to end the conference with a plan to continue communication at another time.  All conferences should conclude with a plan for continuous communication between the teacher and parent/guardian.

During the conference teachers will utilize the following agenda:
1.   Allow parents to ask questions

2.    Teacher presentation of current and future learning standards/big ideas

3.    Teacher presentation of student performance on standards

4.    Student learning behaviors

5.    Plans for continuous communication - including website and other technology info.

6.  Distribution of parent handout

Conference Night – Parent Guide


Please enter through the cafeteria doors.  Parents will get progress reports at sign-in.

Where Do I Go?

6th Grade – All 6th grade core teachers will be located in the cafeteria.

7th Grade – All 7th grade core teachers will be located in the small gym.  The small gym is the next room south from the cafeteria. 

8th Grade – All 8th grade core teachers will be located in the multi-purpose room.   The multi-purpose room is located on the far south end of the school – go through cafeteria and small gym to reach the multi-purpose room. 

Special Education and Guided Study Teachers -

  • Mr. Nixon will be in the cafeteria.
  • Ms. Blaine will be in the cafeteria.
  • Ms. Longwill will be in the small gym.
  • Ms. Groat and Ms. Rettig will be in the small gym.
  • Mr. Rhubottom will be in his classroom (Room 115) - hallway going to the office from the cafeteria.
  • Ms. Williams will be in the small gym

TAG - Ms. Kavars will be in the small gym on Monday only - high school on Wednesday.

Exploratory Teachers– These exploratory teachers will be located in the cafeteria: 

  • Mr. Duggan will be in the cafeteria after 6:00 both nights
  • Ms. Barents will be in the cafeteria Wednesday - unavailable Monday
  • Mr. Argotsinger will be in the cafeteria after 6:00 Wednesday - not available Monday
  • Dr. Kurt will be in the cafeteria
  • Mr. Aldrich (Band) will be in the cafeteria
  • Ms. Hearn will be in the cafeteria

***Mr. Massey (Monday only) will be located in the multi-purpose room.

***Mr. Frascht will be running the book fair.

These teachers will be in classrooms just outside the main office area:  Ms. Baker (room 101), Mr. Kern (room 13) and Mr. Swenson (114).

***Please help us make the night meaningful and productive for all teachers, parents and students.  We ask that you respect the 5-7 minute rule on conferences in order for all parents to collaborate with each teacher.   If further communication is needed with a teacher please schedule a time for that communication to take place.

***Please be aware that there are teachers who also have activity commitments after school which could cause late arrivals at conferences.  We will try to use the PowerSchool e-mail system to inform parents of teachers who may not be present.

Grading Background for 6th & 7th Grade:

Teachers will utilize three grading categories to provide students and parents/guardians with clear feedback on academic performance:


  • The feedback provided will inform parents/guardians on how students are performing on homework/practice tasks that are intended to serve as learning tools for students.


  • Assessment exists in many forms, including tests, projects, quizzes, essays, interviews, writing samples, etc.
  • The assessment category provides parents/guardians, students and teachers various forms of data to determine a student’s overall level of learning and standard attainment.

Learning Outcomes

  • The learning outcome category will summarize a student’s CURRENT level of learning in a unit of study.

***8th grade teachers utilize a grading scale more consistent with high school practices in order to prepare students for high school.  The teachers have shared that information with parents/guardians and will again have the information available at conferences.

Having a solid understanding of the grading categories will allow parents to attend conferences and participate in conversations that are informative and learning- focused.  An efficient and informative parent-teacher conference should consist of many of the following components:

  • Conversation centered around student learning
  • Teacher presentation of student data on past and current units of study – student work displayed in some cases
  • Opportunities for student participation (if student is present)
  • Opportunities for parent questioning
  • Discussion on student learning behaviors
  • Planning for future, continuous parent-teacher communication
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