Traffic Procedures at the Middle School

Traffic Procedures at the Middle School

Helpful Guidelines for Safe Transportation

Thanks to all of you who are being careful as you drop off and pick up your students!

We do not have an ideal situation...our parking lot is not designed quite as well as we all would like, but with a little patience and understanding of the situation, we can facilitate traffic in a safe manner.

I wanted to take the time to clarify for everyone how we envision traffic flow at the Middle School before and after school:



  • Drop offs should occur no earlier than 7:00 AM. As the weather turns colder, we do not want this to become a safety issue. Our building is staffed with supervision for students starting at 7:00 AM. If you have need to get to work and must leave your student unattended at the MS prior to 7:00 AM, I would ask you find alternate solutions - maybe drop off at a friend's house, have a friend's parent pick your student up at home and take them, carpool, etc.
  • Drop offs in the morning should be made at the MAIN ENTRANCE BY THE FLAGPOLE ONLY! The turnaround area as will as the sidewalk along the northeast side of the building are appropriate places. Please refrain from using the service road on the east side of school and the service road behind the football field.
  • If everyone stays within the painted lines and uses appropriate speed, driving in a cautious manner, we will be much safer!


  • Unless prior arrangements have been made, pick up's should occur prior to 3:00. We are staffed to supervise students until then. As the weather gets colder, we want to keep students safe, so if your situation will not allow you to be here by 3:00, please plan now for alternate arrangements. Exceptions are students who have a scheduled time with a staff member after school.
  • The buses occupy a large portion of the parking lot after school. Basically, they need all the space between the Auditorium doors and the Main doors, from the sidewalk back to the painted road stripes on the north end of the parking lot. They require this space from 2:30 until 3:00 PM.  This is shown in RED on the diagram.
  • Appropriate places to park include the small end of the parking lot across from the flagpole, any parking spaces along the football field fence, and any open spaces West of the Auditorium doors (past the green electrical box).  These areas are shown in GREEN and YELLOW on the diagram.
  • Please keep traffic moving in the lanes, and avoid holding traffic up in the turnaround area!
  • Again, please exit via the main entrances, or you may use the one-way service road (southbound direction) on the East side of school, but DO NOT use the service road behind the football field. This road is intended at all times to be used by authorized vehicles ONLY!

Thanks for working with us to maintain a safe situation in the Middle School parking lot!


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