PowerSchool Tutorial for Parents

LCMS Parent/Guardian,

PowerSchool is a very informative tool that can be used by parent/guardians and students to track student performance data throughout a student’s time at Lewis Central Middle School and High School.  If you have never set up an account, please email Lorna Woods at lwoods@lewiscentral.org to get information for initial account set up.


Logging in:

Once you have set up your parent/student account you can log into the system by going to http://www.lewiscentral.org/ and clicking on “PowerSchool for Students and Parents” (under the Quick Links heading on the right side of the page).  Once you log into PowerSchool you will see this screen:

The Navigation bar on the left side will guide you to the various informational pages inside the PowerSchool site.  

Grades and Attendance:

The “grades and attendance” tab will allow you to monitor student grades, assignments, curriculum standards and student performance history.  

  • Attendance by class is listed on the front page of the “grades and attendance” screen - for the last two weeks (left side of page) and totals for absences and tardies (right side of the page).  Look here:

  • A legend to help explain types of absences can be found at the bottom of the page.  Example:

  • The current grade for each class is listed to the side of each class.  To see specific performance data from the class click on the “dash” or the letter grade.  Examples:

  • If it shows a “dash” instead of a grade, then the teacher has not updated the overall grade.  However, student performance data (assignments) may still be provided by clicking on the dash.  Example:

  • If a letter grade is listed, then the teacher has updated the overall grade and performance data can be seen by clicking on the letter grade.  Example:

  • By clicking on the letter grade you will see specific performance data.  Example:

  • What else do I see on the “Assignment Scores” page?  You will see standards that each teacher is addressing with a practice or assessment.  Example:

  • You will see how a teacher’s gradebook is set up for grading purposes.  Example:

  • You will see a legend to explain various symbols on the page.  Example:

  • Click on “Standard Grades” at the top of the page:

  • The “Standards Grades” tab will show you the standards that have been assessed in each class and how the student has performed based on a 4 point scale.  An explanation of the 4 point scale is provided by clicking on a specific standard.  Example:

  • Click on the “Analytics” tab at the top to look at past student performance on standardized testing and also find a grade history for the student.  Example:

Course/Grades Statistics:

By clicking on the “Course/Grade Statistics” tab I can see how the student grade compares to others in the class and/or section.  Example:

The blue bar is the specific student percentage and the green bar is the average of the other students in the particular section of the course.  Another graph on the page will compare the specific student percentage with all of the students in the specific course.

Grade History:

By clicking on the “Grade History” tab I can see all grade in a student's’ academic history.  Example:

Cumulative Information:

The “Cumulative Information” tab will provide information pertaining to GPA, class rank, credit attainment and student absences.  Example:

Attendance History:

The “Attendance History” tab will provide student attendance history for each course.  Example:

Email Notification:

The “Email Notification” tab allows parents to set up any type of email notification they choose from the PowerSchool system.  Example:

Teacher Comments:

The “Teacher Comments” page shows all teacher comments in relation to the student.  Example:

School Bulletin:

The “School Bulletin” tab provides parents access to the daily building bulletin.  Example:

Class Registration:

The “Class Registration” tab is only used during the registration process.

My Schedule:

The “My Schedule” tab is a visual showing a student schedule with specific times.

School Information:

The “School Information” tab provides important contact information (e-mail and phone) for school officials and also provides dates for the beginning and end of each trimester.

Account Preferences:

The “Account Preferences” tab has two important features for parents.  

  • The “Profile” tab allows users to update/change/verify their profile information.  Example:

  • The “Students” tab allows users to add students to their PowerSchool account.  Example:

  • To add a student click the “add” button and provide the necessary information to add a student.  If you do not have the student information you can contact Lorna Woods at lwoods@lewiscentral.org.  Example:

Alert Solutions 2:

The “Alert Solutions 2” tab allows users to see all of the contact information for a student, check subscriber e-mail address and phone numbers and find any personal messages delivered from the system.

Honor Roll:

The “Honor Roll” tab provides a history of any honor roll awards for the student.  Example:


The “Discipline” log lists all discipline referrals for a student.  Example:

Access Logs:

The “Access Logs” tab provides information as to when and how long a user has accessed a PowerSchool account - parent or student.  Example:

For any issues pertaining to PowerSchool, please contact building administration or School Improvement Special Dave Black at dblack@lewiscentral.org.

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